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A New Age of Accelerated Cell Analytics

Nanolucent Technologies, Inc. is a special purpose company created to commercialize an innovative computational imaging device and a cloud-based AI diagnostics platform for the rapid on-site detection and diagnosis of cancers.

Our solutions are powered by technology innovations from Lucendi, Inc., a leading AI and holographic imaging company.

Nanolucent's initial application is
cervical cancer screening. Our innovative platform evaluates Pap smears taken from patients to identify potential abnormalities, and almost instantly returning a positive or negative diagnosis directly to the physician’s office. The speed and accuracy of this process, and its ability to give instant results in a crucial medical situation, make it a game-changer in today's health care market. 


Our vision is to enable instant, accurate and cost-effective identification and rapid diagnosis of cancers and viruses, globally; using our advanced, lens free, AI-assisted 3D holographic imaging technology.


Improve human health and wellness globally, by increasing access to early cancer screening for all, eliminating wait times, and improving outcomes.


Our mandate is to demonstrate significant transaction-driven profits, while reducing costs to insurers, governments and patients beginning with the universal practice of cervical cancer screening.